Intelligent workflows on the Opalytics Cloud Platform(OCP) provide the capability to define data flow for complex applications. This includes data cleansing, data transformation and linking different solvers.


OCP makes it easy to share common data stores and connect different solvers through the Opalytics Workflow Manager. The dedicated interface enables creation of data wizards and linking them with various solvers. The output of one solver can be linked to another.

  • Create workflows
    • Data wizards and solvers
    • The output of one solver can be linked to another.
    • Data can be pulled from stores and solutions
  • Schedule runs
    • Test a Partial solve of selected connections
    • Schedule tasks for repeat solves


Network Design users often want to improve the inventory analysis of the model by performing a multi-echelon inventory optimization using the output. In addition predictive analytics can be used to create demand forecast.

The data is often stored in a data store of an ERP or BI system and needs to be extracted and converted to a scenario usable form. The workflow below conncets all these pieces to create a solution that can be ran either in parts on in whole to create an end to end solution.