• Determine the best modes and routes for a set of shipments
  • Set budgets and fixed routes
  • Analyze different business rules– time windows, rules for service times
  • After the re-design of a supply chain, how are the routes, multi-stops, and transportation operations impacted?

Main Capabilities:

  • Multiple rate structures: Private/Dedicated Fleet Carriers, Zone to Zone/Commercial TL, Rateware based LTL Carriers
  • Multiple cost options: Fixed and per-mile costs, Stop charges, Surcharges
  • Multiple capacity restrictions
  • Takes into account Load/Unload times

Opalytics Technology Benefits:

  • Advanced visualizations, Gantt charts, etc
  • Aggregate with clustering tools
  • Configure to suit your problem
  • Solve large sized problems

Routing schedules

Example:  Routing for Distributor

Challenge: Solve a routing problem for a regional food distributor to determine best routes
Solution: Specialized requirements require some custom features.