Opalytics Cloud Platform


The Opalytics Cloud Platform(OCP) provides a means to deploy analytics in a dynamic cloud infrastructure. This includes both custom as well as off the shelf applications including  predictive analytics, network design, inventory optimization, transportation routing and network risk. OCP provides built in services, rapid deployment of custom solvers as well as integration services and workflows.

Built in Services

  • User management for roles and authentication
  • Collaboration services – projects
  • Project and scenario management
  • Data editing and validation
  • Data visualization and mappings
  • Dynamic allocation of Resources

Solver Deployment

  • Write your solver with the open source Opalytics Data Library (ticdat)
  • Use Instant apps to immediately run code
  • Solver is recognized and data is validated automatically
  • Solver is independent of the platform: no vendor lock-in


  • Use REST APIs or browser interface with same effort
  • Work with Jupyter Notebooks on the platform
  • Upload data from different systems or formats
  • Map data from one format to another in data wizards
  • Connect the pieces and operationilize with workflows
  • Analyze solutions in Tableau and Qlik

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