Instant Applications


Instant Applications  enable fast deployment of custom solvers on the Opalytics Cloud Platform(OCP). This is driven by the need to enable analysts to quickly create solutions that they can share with business users.


  • Develop the solver
  • Integrate your solver with Opalytics Data Library (ticdat)
  • Deploy directly on the OCP through the instant applications interface.
  • Upload data through Excel or other data formats
  • Automatically identifies data problems, recommends fixes
  • Geo-codes geographic data for map displays
  • Run scenarios through dynamic solver deployment
  • Analyze, compare and visualize solutions
  • Once tested share with the business user for feedback
  • Fix any problems and redeploy.


  • Solvers are independent of the platform
  • Easy to quickly make changes to the solvers and redeploy
  • No vendor lock-in, can transfer solvers to another platform, if needed
  • Easy to involve business users early in the process


  • Customer case study: Production planning for a large retailer.
  • Challenge: Needed to add Lead Time Optimization capability.
  • Solution: Took a few days to make the changes and redeploy for the users to test.