Custom Analytics


  • Address problems that cannot be solved with off the shelf software
  • Create usable and scaleable applications from your analytics models
  • Integrate with company data
  • Deploy on a light footprint Platform that provides a built-in user interface

Opalytics Cloud Platform Features

  • Combine your in house applications with Opalytics’ off the shelf offerings
  • Simple to deploy in a dynamic cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate your solver with Opalytics Data Library (ticdat)
  • User Management for roles and authentication
  • Folder and scenario management
  • Use REST APIs or browser interface with same effort
  • Upload data from different systems or formats
  • Validate data and geo-code if location data available
  • Automatically identify solver
  • Map data from one format to another
  • Enable Data Editing
  • Run scenarios through dynamic solver deployment
  • Analyze solutions in Tableau and Qlik
  • For more information see FAQ



Example: Rue La La Pricing Optimization

Challenge: Setting the price of items so that they sell at the best profit taking into account competition
Approach: Begins with using machine learning techniques to develop a demand prediction model for first exposure items. We then use this demand prediction data as input into a price optimization model to maximize revenue