The Future of Advanced Analytics

The maturity of the web and cloud-based solutions has now reached a tipping point. Many industries are being disrupted by new technology and the laggards can either adapt quickly or lose significant market share. Many of the disruptions involve deploying analytics in innovative ways as a fundamental part of the business.

Many analytics practices today are done as scattered skunk works that are never deployed to users. They are not accessible to users and do not scale. A lot of time is spent on collecting and maintaining data in inconsistent ways. In order for companies to compete they need to move their analytics practice to native, scalable cloud platforms where they can access data, consistently wrangle and synchronize it. The platform also enables way to collaborate, test and quickly deploy to users.

We see this move from isolated desktop development to an analytics cloud platform as a fundamental enabler for businesses to take full advantage of analytics capabilities. In some ways this is a move from isolation to collaboration and from limitation to abundance and opportunity.

Future of advanced analytics

The Opalytics Cloud Platform addresses this challenge with a new kind of analytics platform that enables deployment of solvers and applications.  The platform provides user management, data validation, visualizations, scale-able solver runs, collaboration, security and many other built in features.

This Apps approach provides companies and partners with a platform to deploy custom and specialized solvers. This enables innovation and differentiation that can lead to better business results.