Modern Analytics

Harness the power of Analytics for supply chain and operations

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Opalytics Cloud Platform

Cloud native

Deployment of applications and solvers in a dynamic cloud infrastructure for operations and prototyping.
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Instant Applications

Create custom solvers quickly by deploying as instant applications for business users to test.
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Create workflows for data cleansing and solver sequencing that simplify the deployment process.
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Central Data Store

Deploy pre built and custom applications on the same platform based on a common data store.
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Network Risk

Pinpoint the highest risk areas in your network and the best ways to mitigate them. Based on the latest thinking in supply chain risk management.

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Multi Echelon Inventory

Determine inventory positioning across the supply chain to achieve your service levels. Understand your inventory drivers and use for new product introduction.

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Network Design

Where to locate facilities and how to deliver to customers is the basis of supply chain strategy.

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Transportation Routing

Determine the best modes and routes for a set of shipments.

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Predictive Analytics

Machine learning techniques applied to understanding your products and customers so you can best deliver your value.

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Custom Analytics

Solve problems that are unique to you using our proven platform and methodology.

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