Opalytics Cloud Platform


The Opalytics Cloud Platform(OCP) provides a means to deploy solvers in a dynamic cloud infrastructure. The advantages include:

  • Proven Solvers
  • Collaborative Model Management
  • Intuitive Data Exploration
  • Adaptive Datastore
  • Combine your in house applications with Opalytics’ off the shelf offerings
  • Simple Integration
  • Cloud Native


  • User management and roles
  • Collaboration services
  • Project and scenario management
  • Data editing and validation
  • Data visualization and mappings
  • Dynamic allocation of Resources


  • Integrate your solver with Opalytics Data Library (ticdat)
  • Use REST APIs or browser interface with same effort
  • Upload data from different systems or formats
  • Automatically identify solvers
  • Map data from one format to another
  • Enable Data Editing
  • Run scenarios through dynamic solver deployment
  • Analyze solutions in Tableau and Qlik

For more information see FAQ