Network Design


  • Network design determines the location of facilities and product flow in the supply chain.
  • Assess and determine supply chain strategy
  • Manage changes in demand, costs, exchange rates etc.
  • Deal with Mergers and Acquisitions

The key drivers are:

  • Demand patterns and timing
  • Lanes and transportation costs
  • Facility types, inventory and costs
  • Production and supplier costs

Opalytics Technology Benefits:

  • Multi-objective analysis to support optimization of multiple KPIs
  • Create transportation lanes with distance, zone, UPS or SMC3 rate tables
  • Aggregate with clustering tools
  • Configure to suit your problem
  • Solve large sized problems

Network-design-display (1)


Example:  Network Design for Distributor

Challenge: Solve a large problem for a nation-wide distributor to determine depot locations
Solution: Enabled dynamic aggregation and fast solve times to deliver quick results.